Friday, July 13, 2012

When you find your dreams intimidating you...

Be afraid. Take action. Do not allow yourself to become one of the many who watch their dreams drift away on a wayward current.

So many of us dream every day. Every moment of everyday. We wish, we yearn, we ache. We envision how things should be. How we would mould it and make it happen. But thats just it, it remains a dream. Why? Why are we so afraid of what might be. What might happen if we made an effort to make it real. Is it fear of failure. Perhaps its more than that. Its fear coupled with the lack of energy or appeal that prevents us from even making an effort. To dream and make an excuse as to why it cant happen is way easier than making an effort and failing. Heaven forbid we need to continue making the effort all the time, the thought of all that continual trying is already tiring me out. Instead standing on the sideline of life, living an average life with average fulfilment is the lot of many of us. Not everyone will achieve greatness, since not everyone aspires to it.

If we are not trying to make our dreams come true, we are not living. We are huddling in a corner. Soon we will be bitter and resentful. We will be envious of those who are making their dreams happen. We will be hardened and disillusioned because we have lost touch with the fulfilled dream.

There is hope however, we are all adaptable, evolving human beings. We are tenacious and resilient and when faced with the right situation can be pretty stubborn. All we need to do is channel that energy towards the dream. Chip away at the wall between this moment and that. Soon a little glimmer will appear. Then the wall will fall and the true light of your souls purpose will shine upon you and eventually through you.

So dream a big dream. Dream the biggest dream. Dream far and wide. Wrap yourself in it and dive into it freely and unencumbered. Once you do that you wont be able to see where you end and your dream begins.

You will be truly alive.