Friday, May 31, 2013

8. Donate blood

This will be my second time donating blood. The first time i felt very dizzy and light headed. Had to lay with my legs in the air for a while. SO here I am trying it again just to get that nurse off my back that keeps calling to ask me for blood. And ofcourse to scare myself. I told them the last time that their snacks sucked, so I hope they have improved from that ridiculous fruit cake and suspicious looking juice boxes. Here goes my blood...

I'm back! Completed the forms and got hooked up to the machine. The nurses are so efficient and professional. I felt nothing with the Aids test prick as well as the massive needle that channels your blood into a little plastic pouch. They give you a steel handle to squeeze, makes the blood pump faster. Make some small talk with my colleagues. Pump pump. Dare the lady next to me to race to the finish. Pump faster. She wins. Dammit! Turns out she's donating for 10 years already. Plus she was wearing tight arm underwear making the blood gush. Any way, it was so much smoother and easier than the last time. And the snacks, better biscuits. Juice box - same. Verdict, i'll do it again. And so should you. Here's the evidence. Peace :)

7. Photo of a water droplet

For my next challenge I want to take a photo of a water droplet with my macro lens. For one, I'd like to use my lens. And two it always looks like a cool pic. I think I'm about to discover why it's only professionals that take a good pic of a water droplet splash. But before I get to that, I suppose I should reveal one of my most embarrassing moments. You know, for the scary factor of the day. When I was in std 2, I accidentally farted really loudly in class. And when everyone turned to look at my red face, I pointed at the guy sitting next to me. So sorry guy, I guess that one was on me.

Onto the photo! First you have to find the right light. Then a vessel to make the droplet. So basically the kitchen. And the kitchen tap. Check. Preparation is key. Husband spots me in the kitchen. Wants a snack. Dammit. Gotta be quieter. Pour water into the amc potlid. Water cloudy dammit. Wait for water to clear. Doesn't work, try a glass instead.

First few times are duds. I keep missing it. Out of focus. Adjust my position. Then i realise i have to watch the droplet fall with my other eye. And then finally! I got it! Four beautiful shots of a water droplet hitting the surface of the water. :) Yay!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

6. For today's challenge... I'm going to learn how to skype!!

Ipad - check.   Earphones with mic - check.  Skype App - Check.   Challenge 1: dealing with a one year old who thinks the iPad is a portal for Barney tv. Create a diversion, ie a cave to play in. Challenge 2, create a log on for Skype. Takes me a while to choose a profile pic! Ok, type in text. I'm stuck on the Skype test call? I'm a technological reject. It worked!! I did it. :) now I'm looking for someone to call....

5. My addiction

I have nothing scary to report for today. So I thought I would share something with you. My passion, my pain, my bane, my addiction.... My love of shoes. I dont know how i ended up here. all i know is that i love it. Shoes are beautiful, loyal and always look good. This is a picture of my shoe closet.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4.... actually I did do something scary

I annouced my personal challenge on Facebook and now I can be held accountable for each day. So there, yesterday did have a challenging moment. Thanks to my status update I now have a few more ideas of how to scare myself and a few eyes that will help me finish! :) onto number 5....

Monday, May 27, 2013

4. Nothing

Absolutely nothing scary today. Left work at 5pm, got some petrol, went home and cooked lentils food. How lame. Tomorrow, scary.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

3. Outside on a rainy Sunday

Ok, not very scary. Left the house early and spent the day on the road. Lunch at a restaurant with a little one year old for the first time. We ate faster than anyone there. It was epic. Food on the floor, khaira talking to customers at the next table. Tantrums on the floor. Attempts to push the pram and drink our fizzy drinks. Ended with a major change up in the baby changing room. She also played outside in the rain with her dad. After which we went to a kids party where she got revved up on lolly pops and treats. All in all a great day again. I'm getting better every day with the challenges. I will need to seek some specifically scary activities soon to maintain the integrity of this experiment. Out.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

2: A party

Today I decided to challenge myself by going to a party and staying longer than I would have and relaxing my routine. I ended up having a great time. Khaira ended up playing outside in the sand and later in the dark. It was fun. And completely opposite to how I always imagined it would be. Not too scary a day but still challenging myself. I'm gonna have to kick it up a bit to scary wary tomorrow. I might just try learning to ride a bicycle... Oooh... I'm bad ass.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 1 : Khaira's room

I promised myself that from today for one year, I will do something scary every day. For my first day.... My daughter will sleep in her own room instead of in ours. I've had her bed setup for a few months now but never had the courage to do it. Well, I did it! She is in her own room and sleeping like a little hobbit in a hole. It involved a bit of cajoling and a new baba with a baby pram but hey she is in her room. Mission accomplished. It may not happen again tomorrow but I did it today. Ok just kidding. No I'm not. Out.