Friday, July 5, 2013

31. Adult invite vs kid invite

Today I happened to overhear two, what looked like 18 year old, guys talking about getting together after the fast. It was all so formal and uncomfortable that I could only assume that one of them didn't like the other one. Why else would two teens extend such a sober, adult invite? It just seemed wrong somehow. This got me thinking about the way adults extend invites to hang out and the way kids do it.

Kids don't think about whether the house is clean, whether you have enough snacks, what kind of entertainment you need, whether you're in the mood for company. All they care about is enjoying having someone to hangout with. Someone to dream with and have adventures with. Extending an invite for kids is a simple question : come over. It's not even a question it's a valid assumption.

Yes the argument is that kids have no responsibilities, no jobs, no money, no kids, ... the list is endless. But it stands to reason that if everyone has those issues, we are all still the same people with the same things in common. So the playing field is still the same. So where does the complicated invite come in? Do we not like each other. Or are we so competitive that we cannot show weakness.

Seems to me that the older we get the more we complicate our lives. We are striving towards simpler lives but end up getting tangled in the complications that we create. Each time you second guess yourself, make an excuse, put things off for another day, you're moving further away from a simplistic life. Simple lives are more black and white than grey. You know that you know the answer before you say it. It's that filter in your mind that changes the initial thought from an honest, fearless one to a complicated fearful one.

Keep things simple. Keep things kind. Spend more time loving each other. Peace.

Monday, July 1, 2013

30. Whats in your head

Everyone is in their head, its just the degree of occupation thats different.

We all do it. Our mind drifts, we think about the past, dream about the future. And all the while we are missing out on the present. This moment, right now. When we tune out, we lose out.
So try your best to be present in your life. Or your life will be something that happened while you were dreaming.

Somewhere along the way while writing these posts I stopped challenging myself. I lost my scare factor. I have a million excuses as to why I am unable to do anything but the truth is I have no idea what to do. I've hit the wall. I'm the guy in run fatboy run. And I'm facing the wall right now.

I feel as though I've run out of the easy challenges and the only ones that are left are the tough ones like riding that bloody bicycle...

I've got to find some motivation. I can't be done yet, I've hardly even begun. This is why I suppose you can never be in charge of your own challenges, you will inevitably end up not challenging yourself any longer.

I can't give up. Run fatboy run.