Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Life is a series of small decisions

Every morning we start our day making small decisions. Do we make our bed now. Brush our teeth now? What’s for breakfast today. Every move we make is governed by  these decisions. It’s a series of game moves that propel us in the direction we wish to go. 

Some choices move us away from our goal. We get distracted we deviate and some times we return to the initial path. Other times we change our paths and make the current path the new chosen path. It’s all programming. It’s the matrix. And it’s how we live our lives every single day. 

I wonder whether it would be possible to go about your day not making a single decision. Perhaps that’s what the movie the Yes man was all about. Removing your ability to navigate your own life and letting fate and the whims of others dictate where you end up. 

It might be an interesting experiment to yield fully to the ocean of possibility. Who knows where you might end up. You could end up in the gutter. Addicted to your vices. You could end up in another country. You could end up with a large family. The avenues are  so many. How many of us can truly let go. I know I couldn’t. I couldn’t imagine that someone else might know what is better for me. You’re not me. So how can you know how to make a better me. 

It’s a case of the reflecting mirror i suppose. So many versions of possible outcomes. And only one can be true. The others are all reflections of you. The amazing thing is that you can pick out the you that you want to become in that moment. That is power. That is endless possibility. That is owning yourself and your true raw potential. And it’s alive and beating every single moment just waiting for you to direct it. 

“I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”     Invictus

We have become a race of tv watchers.

In the generations to come our generation will be known as the tv watchers. We watch. We watch our screens all day. We watch Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, twitter the list goes on and on. 

Where’s the time for free thinking? Where we dream. Where we plan. Where we build castles in the sky. Who are we if we have no dreamers left? Dreamers built the car, they built a plane, they built a spaceship. 

You won’t be building anything watching someone else’s social media profile. I would argue you should build your own profile but that just continues the cycle. And someone else will then be watching you. 

I want to say stop the social media but it’s become so useful. How else would we stay in touch? Heaven forbid we actually speak to anyone. You’d have to be ready with actual words. Not words you plotted out before you posted them as an impromptu Facebook status. 

Gone are the days of the handwritten note. Where words are chosen carefully and time is taken to write as mistakes are permanent. We’ve become so fleeting. Leaving nothing memorable behind. No lasting imprint. Movies are forgettable. Music is but a faint echo like a tune played by a passing car. Here for a moment and then gone and never heard again. 

We regurgitate instead of creating. We think we are improving but all we are doing is moving the furniture from one room to another. We hardly make furniture anymore. It used to be a requirement to have a set of skills that you may be judged by. One wasn’t enough, it had to be at least three. Writing which could be stories or poetry. Music. And ofcourse some sporting activity. There were also skills to choose from like wood carving, painting, collecting all sorts of memorabilia like spoons or stamps. 

People used to be so much more interesting. So many more layers. Mysterious and multi faceted. Now we are one dimensional and very very shiny. The more glamorous and glitzy, the more believable and popular we become. It all feeds back into the virtual realities we buy into that we watch on our screens. Screens will be our downfall. Because when we watch the screens we forget to look around us. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

When all is said and done, who are we really?

Do you know? Do you know who you are without the commitments and have to dos in your life? Without the responsibilities to family, without the financial pursuits of work. Stripped down to your basic self do you know who that person is? 

Sometimes in life we become so engrossed in what we have to do we forget or rather sideline what we want to do. I would like to take street fashion photographs, but I would have to leave the house for that. Which I can't so let's shelve that idea. How many ideas in your life have you shelved because at that moment it is not practical or possible. Do you ever go back when it might be? Or is it just in that moment that the desire exists and when it has passed so does the desire. So it inevitably becomes a story about how once long ago you wanted to take some street fashion pictures. 

I can't leave it there. I shouldn't. I mustn't. Yet I have, because it's still not practical. Will it ever be? Or is it totally possible and in my narrow mindedness I'm missing the opportunity because I refuse to accept it the way it is presented. We all have an idea of where we want to go with a dream and sometimes it's easier to keep it a dream than to watch it wither and die. Because to bring a dream to life takes courage. Commitment. Huge amounts of effort. And the ability to remain unaffected by criticism. There are a lot of critics out there waiting to let you know where you fall short. Just like back seat drivers, there are backseat dreamers. 

So who are we? A bundle of unrealized dreams. We are loaded with potential and anchored by fear. Saddled with responsibilities. The reasons for 'not now' outweigh the reasons for 'absolutely right now'. We must harness that power. We can create the opportunity if we're willing to make the effort. The ones who have are flying in the sky holding their dreams with both hands. The rest of us are still here, grounded. Waiting and watching for someone else to clear the way for us. 

So the next time you have an idea, you can choose. Does it become a story about how you almost did something amazing. Do you leave the idea in your mind because failure is not an option. Or do you say this time I hear you. This time my dream will breath the air of possibility. I will make it so. And just like that a new journey of self discovery will begin. A new chapter in the story of you will begin. Because life is a book and you are on the cover and everything else is a chapter inside it.